How can we encourage and enable diverse global communities to share thoughts, memories, stories, messages, and experiences while changing attitudes, broadening beliefs, educating and addressing misunderstandings and misinformation?
Hope Is_ enables people to bridge the gaps between their perception and reality, connecting people through shared messages of hope. Users upload a photo and write a message of hope through an online platform to create a physical postcard that is sent to another unknown user of the site. In return, the person creating a postcard will receive a postcard from a future user. The site connects users of different ages and nationalities in an attempt to foster diversity and understanding.
Why a postcard? In our digital world of fleeting interactions and information overload, handwritten messages, once hung proudly on our refrigerators, office and bedroom walls have become a thing of the past. Postcards serve as a physical and universal mode of communication. One that is intimate and must be cherished and preserved. One small thoughtful message has the power to impact the life of another.
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