Path Feel insoles currently have the ability to track patterns in a user’s day to day life, capturing extensive data through pressure sensors and an inertial measurement unit. This data can be used to understand gait patterns and activities of the user. Path Feel is looking to target an ever expanding market with an app that interfaces with their existing insole. How might we design a digital experience that enables user groups to interface with the Path Feel insole; communicating key data, encouraging routine usage and preventing falls for those at risk.

As UX/UI lead, offered design support to OpenIDEO Fall Prevention Challenge winner Path Feel. My teams approach was lean and human-centered and consisted of three design phases: Gather & Synthesize Current Knowledge, Discover & Research and Design, Test & Iterate. Our objective was to gain an understanding of the current Path Feel market by identifying key user groups and their needs and limitations. We will also tested interest and an app concept with potential user groups.
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